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Permeable Concrete Paving Block

LVFAR Permeable Concrete Paving Block into the ground rapidly. The permeability of the surface is approx. 90 Liter of water per hour per square meter. Helping to avoid run off and flooding during the heavy rain. High water and air permeability enable the relief of heat island effect. Preventing the heat island effect which means an area on the pavement that is much warmer than the surroundings.

It gives a great stormwater management: It helps rebuilding the natural hydrologic balance and reducing the volume of runoff for managing the rainwater efficiently. The rainwater will not just flow into the storm drains but release slowly in the ground. Moreover, the permeable block can capture the pollutant and retain them in the pavement. Only water able to flow into the ground.

LVFAR Permeable Concrete Paving Block possess of water penetration attribute, which allow water to pass through the paver and entering the soil level, therefore LVFAR Permeable Concrete Paving Block is favorable to rooting of plants.


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