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LVFAR, with its great experience in handling construction waste, has developed a whole industry chain production module with its affiliates which acts as a great support to the development of LVFAR Kin Fung. With our specialized technology in the construction waste treatment, the usage of the construction waste can be maximized, aiming at fulfilling our concept “Limited resources, Unlimited recycling” and also making contribution to the environmental industry in Hong Kong.

LVFAR was founded in 2005 and was listed on the American Stock Exchange in 2010 by using the name of “LVFAR Green Technology Corp.”. LVFAR from its beginning as a construction waste recycler, has grown and expanded into a diversified group of business includes trading, metal and plastic finished, concrete and green construction materials. Among the above, the green construction materials section is the benchmark among the green material industry and is the largest green construction material supplier in Guangdong and one of the largest in Mainland China. Until now, LVFAR has obtained 12 patents and 10 awards in the result of continuing emphasis on R&D section.

“LVFAR Kin Fung Green Reusable Industry Ltd.” acts as the window company of LVFAR, aiming towards Hong Kong and worldwide construction market. LVFAR Kin Fung adheres the environmental philosophy of LVFAR, maximizing the usage of construction waste. We look forward to providing a variety of construction material to Hong Kong market which are made of 100% recycling material, facilitating the progress of construction waste recycling in Hong Kong and ultimately achieve our goal – Hong Kong manage to handle the construction waste by itself.

LVFAR, in the coming future, will continue to keep up with the international trends in Energy Technology Innovation (ETI), under the major premise of green and low carbon, continue to act as an innovative green construction material supplier and recycler.

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